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Tune: I’m Not your Stepping Stone

In lue of my absence I give you the song, “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone” and it’s many covers. To my knowledge the Paul Revere & the Raiders is the first recorded version of the song. The Liver Pool 5 did a great cover of the song, and added a great raw bluesy element to it. The Monkeys did a decent recording of it. They took the original and made it just a little bit more poppy with the vocals. And last but not least the Sex Pistols also did a cover of the song as well. They added that classic gritty and rough punk rock attitude sound to the song.

There are many more covers of this song, but I think these show a good diversity in playing styles to the original  It is interesting to see how one song can be covered and have a totally different tone and sound based on the band playing it; as to almost transcend different genres


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