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Tune: Spoonful

Posting pretty early today, course I am actually home for once. Today’s tune is, Spoonful, played by Howling Wolf. The song was originally written by the awesome bass player and composer Willie Dixon. Willie did a recording of it himself, but wrote it for Howling Wolf to play. There have been covers of this song, and even a psychedelic version done by Howling Wolf as well, but this version in my opinion embodies that eerie and primal sound that blues can have.

P.S. best listened to at night during a full moon (as in tonight)

Here are the other versions:


Willie Dixon


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2 responses to “Tune: Spoonful

  1. bangbangblues ⋅

    Must be the moon indeed!! Love the Wolf! Great music taste #blues brother 🙂

  2. bangbangblues ⋅

    Reblogged this on bangbangblues and commented:
    Howlin wolf is all over the place!! Well, at least on this blues brothers blog too!

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