Tea Related: 52 Teas re-blends.


Just thought I would mention that 52 Tea’s has a new flavor out and some re-blends as well. One of them being Smaug. I went ahead and bought a pouch, since I was running out of it. You can check them all out here.


Tea Related: Possible 52 Tea’s Pay As You Go Monthly Subscription.


Frank from 52 Teas is considering making a monthly pay as you go tea subscription, compared to the lump-sum subscription options currently available. For just $24.99 every 3 weeks, ($29.99 for Canada and International) you get three 1-2oz packets of custom blended loose leaf artisan tea.

However, for this subscription to become a reality he needs enough people willing to join to start this service.

Here is his proposal via Steepster forums:

“So, in the past we’ve had a few requests for a way to subscribe on a recurring payment basis (ie signing up and paying every month as opposed to paying for a 3- 6- or 12-month subscription up front).

I think I have a way to accomplish this, but it will cost me a little extra and I wanted to see if I could get a headcount of folks still interested in this. The offer would be something like this:

You would get three weeks of tea delivered every three weeks for $24.99. Canadian/Overseas subscribers would get the same for $29.99.

The only way I could do it logistically would be to have folks sign up, and THEN hold 3-weeks worth of tea. Depending on when in the week you signed up (and how popular our tea was that week, your first shipment would go out in 2-3 weeks, but from then on, it would just be on auto-pilot. You would get three weeks worth of tea every three weeks. And your payment method (We would be using Paypal for this, so (I’m pretty sure) it could be your credit card, bank account or Paypal account) would be charged every three weeks. Thoughts?” You can read feed back on the subject here.

So if this sounds like an interesting proposal and are serious about joining the subscription drop him a line and tell him your thoughts here at http://www.52teas.com/contact-us/

*NOTE: Zoomdweebies and 52 Teas is the same guy