Tune: Freddie King Being Freddie King

I just realized that I forgot to post a song with the last tea review(the shame!) To make up for it here is a classic jam with Freddie King; the Groove masta.


Just found this awesom song on Pandora. I usally loath Pandora, since when I pick out a band after about two songs it starts to play other bands or genras. However I found this one station that plays (mostly) new blues songs and have been finding a lot of good stuff. Here is there bio that I found for King Kong.

Ethan Buckler was originally the bassist for underground Louisville, KY, sensations Slint during the late ’80s, but Continue reading

Tune: Snow

I just found out about these gals from Pandora. They rock!!! I need to do some more research on them. 

Following in the tradition of the Black Keys and the White Stripes, the Pack A.D. play a blend of rock and electric blues. The female duo is comprised of drummer Maya Miller and vocalist/guitarist Becky Black, both of whom left their previous Pixies-styled band to focus on bluesier music. After emerging in 2006 as one of Vancouver’s more buzzworthy bands, the Pack A.D. signed with Mint Records in 2007 and released a debut album,Tintype, the following January. Funeral Mixtape, the duo’s second offering, was issued eight months later. The group toured heavily in support of both releases and eventually returned to Vancouver, where the bandmembers holed themselves up at Hive Studios and began tinkering with new sounds. Although still a blues band at heart, the Pack A.D. found themselves drawn to punk and garage rock, both of which steered the sound of 2010’s We Kill Computers in a slightly different direction. ~ Andrew Leahey, Rovi 

Tune: Spoonful

Posting pretty early today, course I am actually home for once. Today’s tune is, Spoonful, played by Howling Wolf. The song was originally written by the awesome bass player and composer Willie Dixon. Willie did a recording of it himself, but wrote it for Howling Wolf to play. There have been covers of this song, and even a psychedelic version done by Howling Wolf as well, but this version in my opinion embodies that eerie and primal sound that blues can have.

P.S. best listened to at night during a full moon (as in tonight)

Here are the other versions:


Willie Dixon

Tune: I’m Not your Stepping Stone

In lue of my absence I give you the song, “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone” and it’s many covers. To my knowledge the Paul Revere & the Raiders is the first recorded version of the song. The Liver Pool 5 did a great cover of the song, and added a great raw bluesy element to it. The Monkeys did a decent recording of it. They took the original and made it just a little bit more poppy with the vocals. And last but not least the Sex Pistols also did a cover of the song as well. They added that classic gritty and rough punk rock attitude sound to the song.

There are many more covers of this song, but I think these show a good diversity in playing styles to the original  It is interesting to see how one song can be covered and have a totally different tone and sound based on the band playing it; as to almost transcend different genres

Tune: I Need Somebody

For your tune tonight I give you Iggy Pop & the Stooges and comes from there album, “Raw Power.” You can easily see the strong blues influence on this song and the rest of this album as well. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a vintage CD of this album from Amazon. Reason for this is because when the new version of this album was remixed, it’s wasn’t done well. I will elaborate more on this another day; I am sure to post another song from this album.