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TEA: Nina’s Paris Tea sample review


This is a long overdue review of the lovely Nina’s Paris Teas. I was first contacted about trying there teas a while back. When I saw their selection I could not help but choose some free samples to try. After much thought and browsing (seriously they had so many good flavors.) I picked my three

The first one I tried was Marie-Antoinette. I mean it is the flag ship one after all.31aCBQMD7TL

I was a little worried at first, since it had rose. Floral teas and me have a 50/50 chance of either being a hit with me or failing. This… was a hit. It had a nice floral rose flavor without being too overpowering. The apple flavor was REALLY good as well. What made it so good is that unlike typical teas that have apple flavoring, it was not that typical sour green, candy apple, or apple juice taste. I think they said the kind they used were golden apple from Paris (obviously), but to me it reminded me of Fuji apples. Sweet and crisp, but not sour. It really did have that taste like I just bit right into an apple, it was just so real. The black tea base was really nice as well. Not bitter, was smooth and had its own flavor that paired well with the rose and apple. I tried this first unsweetened, then sweeten. Honestly it tasted fine without sugar, so it is personal choice there.

My only beef with this blend is that in the later steepings especially, it does develop a tiny, itsy, bitsy, floral/perfume bite. Though it is so minor, and if that would bother you a pinch of sugar gets rid of it. Oh did I mention that this tea keeps its flavors through steeps? I have notice with most flavored tea after that first steep they lose a lot of their flavoring. Not this one though, or any of Ninas teas that I tried. Even in the 3rd steep I was still getting very distinct rosy, apples flavor.

Overall 4.5 out of 5


Alright the next tea I tried was Pour Maman


I have tried black and green mix teas before and they were….. ok. It’s tough to mix different types of teas, especially ones with totally different types of brewing temp like green and black. But that is what intrigued me about the tea. I love weird and experimental stuff. Plus just look at it! It’s so pretty! Not to mention it has strawberry and vanilla flavors. Not sure what type of  black tea is in it, but I am sure that the green tea in the mix is a Japanese one by the looks of it.  I was pondering what temp to brew the tea at for best results and I decided on 190F; hot enough to bring out the black tea flavor, but not hot enough to totally bake the green tea.

Oh man was this tea good. The black tea flavor was not over powering, but had a ligh­t, malty flavor that complemented the tangy “green” flavor, with hints of floral bits from both; though that could be from the pretty flowers in the mix. The flavoring is perfect as well. Nice strong, sweet, fruit flavor with a supporting, not overpowering vanilla flavor. Once again the flavor added seems to last forever, even into the 3rd steep. I didn’t even bother really with adding sugar. It tasted so good without, like it had real fresh fruit in it, and didn’t taste bitter at all.

Overall: 5 out of 5


Last but not least we have Mon Secret


I am always a sucker when it comes to tropical flavors, not to mention full flavored or Smokey tea; it had keemun tea as the base. So after looking at the little candied pieces of papaya and  brewed it around 200F. The base worked perfect with the fruit flavors.

The bold fruity taste of the keenum base worked well with the nectar-fruit flavor. The pinch of smoke from the base helps add a nice robust flavor so it didn’t just taste like a regular fruity blend tea. As with the other teas, this one didn’t need sugar to taste really good; though when I added a pinch, it did help bring the sweetness from the fruit out a bit.

Overall this was a really nice fruity, tropical and unique blend. It had a nice exotic flavor of succulent fruits mixed with a hint of wafting smoke to blend with it.

Overall: 4/5

All of the samples I got from Ninas were excellent. I am definitely going to have to make another order there some time; that Nina’s Japon keeps calling my name. So if you are looking for some classy French culture tea to have at your next tea party or just to savor in your morning mug, I highly recommend checking them out. They also have beautiful gifts for tea lovers, whether they are sophisticated or would love to have some elegance in there cupboard.

Official site: Nina’s Paris Teas
Web Vendor: Amazon Nina’s Tea


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