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Tea: Obubu Tea #10 : Houjicha Light Roast

Obubu Tea #10: Houjicha light roast

Tea: Obubu Tea #10 : Houjicha Light Roast
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This was part of the monthly mystery sampler.

This is my second houjicha tea that I have tried; my first being from Adagio. I can say for sure that this one kicks Adagio’s tea out of the water. Their version tends to have a stale flavor to it. This one though is sweet and roasty with a hint of unami. Now not saying that Adagio’s is terrible and it is still good for blending, but if I had to choose, I would choose Obubu Tea #10.

Steep 1: Classic smooth green taste, but with a bold roasted note and hints of mesquite.

Steep 2: Similar flavor as before but stronger and now has sweet undertones with hints of butter.

Steep 3: The butter flavor is not as present. The roasted mesquite not is stronger now and isn’t as sweet; there is also some mild woody spice notes

Steep 4*: Has a similar flavor as the second steep, but the roasted notes are stronger. There is a slight astringency and a light menthol like mint in the after taste.


A nice sweet and slightly savory roasted Japanese green tea. It doesn’t have a strong Smokey taste, but instead has hints of mesquite wood spice and a small undertone of mint; depending on how long you steep it.


This was a wonderful tea. I think I might grab the sampler one day that has a bunch of different types of roast to see which one I like most. You can check it out here. I also made a latte out of my remaining sample which turned out delicious. Would be great for someone who wants that roasted coffee latte taste, but not the caffeine. I fallowed their instructions from the site, but I used almond milk instead and found it to be wonderful. Here is the link to the recipe.

I would recommend this tea to someone who wants to try Houjicha for the first time and/or is hesitant about smoky teas.



Used the standard steeping technique here.

Pot: Porcelain (no top)
Water: 6oz per steep
Leaf: 1 tablespoon (5 grams)
Steep Time: 30 seconds each; *1 minuet for the last
Temp: 175 -185F


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