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I don’t know about you, but I love monster movies, especially the old ones. They have this child like and humorist charm that brings out the kid in me. When I heard that a new monster movie that was influenced by these old movies was coming out I was ecstatic. The trailers were enough to make you squirm in your seat.

Just last week I went to see Pacific Rim in IMAX 3D and let me tell you, that was the most incredible movie experience that I have had in a long time. Now I am not one that normally travels by car 120 miles road trip with tolls just to see a movie in IMAX 3D, or even local 3D movie theatures. Personally I find that most of the time 3D in movies tends to be kind of gimmicky; though there are a few exceptions (Jurassic Park is one). However, after reading peoples reviews saying that this movie is worth the money to see it in IMAX 3D I decided to make the trek.

As I settled into my seat and waited through all the TV like commercials that they play (oh how movies have changed) they started the IMAX 3D launch sequence. I immedently started to smile like a child that is at their first carnival thinking about the movie experience that was about to begin. Granted It has been a long, long, loooonnnggg time since I have been to an IMAX movie, but as one who is not easily impressed with CGI and 3D movies, I was taken back at the quality of picture and sound; and of course the giant screen.

When the first fight came on screen I was in awe. The action, the sound, the animation, the 3D, it was spectacular! The giant IMAX screen really immersed you into the scenes. Plus the fact that this movie was formatted well for it, since I have heard of some IMAX 3D movies coming up short. *cough……Transformers cough…* You really could feel the weight of each of the punches and the rumbling destruction of the cities. Also unlike some 3D movies that tend to get kind of blurry during any of action sceens or if there is any fast movment, Pacific Rim didn’t suffer at all from that.

Now I will say that there were a few negetive things that I would say the moive had. For one if you are someone who like movies with characters that have deep, complex, and thorough character development, this movie is not for you. But as Guillermo del Toro said, this movie is about the monster fights. Also with most monster kaiju movies, the characters tend to be a little shallow in character and one demonsonal. However while the characters in the movie tend to be on the one demonsonal side, that doesn’t mean that they are completely boring or lacking in personality. The movie is very good about reveling some of the main characters past histories and their motives in the movie. You really do start to connect and care for the characters on the screen, sympathize with their past and present trials, and want to see them succeed. Even the side characters are brimming with personality; the two scientist and the black market dealer, while not always getting a lot of screen time or development, have strong characterizations and personality’s that make them very lovable and entertaining.

On the story side of the movie it was what I was expecting it to be. A little convoluted, contain plot holes, lots of pseudo logic (just wait of the analog v.s. digital bit) and in general be over the top. But I mean it is a Kaiju movie though (think of an old Toho or Godzilla movie). They always are like that. If you go in expecting those issues, then you should be fine. Just think of it as an anime: Logic is not always required and can be looked over as long as it’s good with getting away with it.  Also considering the amount of story line and time with keeping the action/story ratio in check they used 2 hours 11 minuets to pace the story pretty well.

My last grip with he movie is the final fight scene between the kaiju and the jaeger pilots. The mid-way fight was in my opinion the best. The music score, the setting, the homages to old monster movies was brilliant. It reminded me a lot of an old PS2 game called, War of the Monsters; which I need to drag out and play again. It had brutal action, mixed with city destruction, combined with lovable cliches to bring the inner child out of you. Most of all all of the action was easy to fallow and you got a good look at the monsters. The final fight scene, however, left me desiring more. With out giving out spoilers, the fight area was very dark and it was hard to tell the kaiju apart. I know that it was supposed to be kind dark to give you a sense of the gravity and difficulty of the fight, but if I am spending my entire time trying to figure out what monster is attacking and doing what it isn’t really much fun to watch. Plus the fight wasn’t as exciting either, though it did have a few funny moments. Overall the last fight felt rushed and too quick.

With all the good and the bad being said, my finally conclusion is that you should go see this movie while you can on the biggest baddest screen. Trust me, it is worth every penny.

P.S. There is a lot of geek humor, word play, and a bit of subversive humor as well, so keep an eye out for it; nes. For one GlaDos voices the computer for Gypsy Danger. Nuff said.

Also MINOR SPOILER: The Kaiju are almost like personifications of hurricanes


Ok so now on to the tunes. This is the main theme for the movie is just awesome. I mean listen to the guitar riffs and how it builds. Just pure epicness.

With out giving out spoilers, they would play this bit sometimes when I monster showed up or a surprise was shown they would play this song. This is probably my favorite out of all the songs on the OST. I love the homage to old monster movies sound tracks; when they would have dram-tic deep horns and just gives an overall class monster movie sound.


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