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How to make 52 ice tea text photoDuring the hot summer months one of my most favorite things to drink is ice tea. One of my favorite brands to make ice tea with is with 52 Tea’s Southern Boy Ice Tea bags. Here is a quick step-by-step process so you can make ice tea with 52 Tea’s ice tea bags at home. Now 52 Tea’s says that you can use the bags to make one quart at a time and to save the bag for another day to use. Personally I like to make 2 quarts all at once so I will show you how to do that. If you wish to only make 1 quart at a time, just half all of the measurements for your water and sweetener (except the 2 cups to steep your tea), and skip step 8. 

First thing that you need to do is clear off a spot on the counter or flat stove top and gather all of your equipment that you will need which are:

  • One big metal mixing bowl; a little bigger then 8 cups
  • One big 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup
  • One 2 cup Pyrex measuring cup; i couldn’t find mine at the time so I used my glass tea pot, which is also acceptable. Just make sure it is at least 2 cups big.
  • One 64oz (2 quart pitcher); preferably one that has a top so when you store it keeps the tea better longer.
  •  Something to boil your water in. Kettle, pot, ect.
  • A plate that is big enough to sit over-top the mixing bowl
  • Ice (Duh)
  • One Big spoon
  • A fork
  • Something to use as a timer, computer, phone app, microwave, ect.
  • Any kind of sweetener that you want
  1. Pick out the flavor that you want to use. I chose Neapolitan flavor; tea reviews for all of his flavors will be coming soon in a two part series.
  2. Take the packet out of the bag CAREFULLY. The bags take up most of the space in the back, so be careful not to rip the tea bag. I accidentally did that once and it was not fun. I could still brew the tea but I had to strain it a couple of times, and it makes the process a little messier then it needs to be.
  3. Put the bag into the metal mixing bowl
  4. Boil about 2 cups of water, and pour it into the mixing bowl; if your counter is heat sensitive put a pot holder underneath the pot to absorb the heat
  5. Put the plate over top and brew it for 2:30 minuets
  6. Then take the plate off and remove the tea bag; don’t throw it out, since we are going to use it again
  7. Pour the brew into the 2 cup Pyrex (or teapot)
  8. Repeat steps 3-6 except steep it for 3:00 minuets, and toss the teabag out
  9. Now take the other brew from the 2 cup Pyrex (or teapot) and pour it into the mixing bowl that already contains the other steeping
  10. DO NOT ADD ICE YET! You first add your sweetener, and stir it in. I typically use 1/3 cup of light agave (about 3-4 big spoon fulls). This would equal to about 2/3 to 1 cup of sugar; but you can use more or less sweetener to your tastes. I usually sweeten my ice two to about medium strength to give you an idea on the sweetness level.
  11. Now using the 4 cup Pyrex fill it with ice all the way to the top.
  12. Now plop the ice into the mixing bowl. Don’t pour it, otherwise it will splash all over.
  13. Stir it around to help melt some of the ice down. Don’t worry about trying to get it all to melt away, cause it won’t happen.
  14. Now pour the brew back into the 4 cup Pyrex. NOTE: Not all of the brew will go back in so make sure it doesn’t over flow.
  15. Now grab your 64oz (2 quart) pitcher and put it in the sink, then pour the ice tea mixture from the Pyrex into the pitcher. I say to pour it into the sink, since a little will spill out and this will cause less mess.
  16. With the little bit of left over brew that is still in the mixing bowl pour that into the pitcher. There isn’t as much left in the bowl so it should pour just fine into the pitcher.
  17. Typically with mine there is still room left in the pitcher. This is normal, since some of the brew will be lost while steeping it via evaporation and absorption from the tea bag. Just add ice and water to the pitcher till it fills almost all the way to the top; or you can leave it as is if you like your brew a little bit more concentrated. You can also choose not to add more ice if you are going to pour it right away out for you and your guests. Just fill the glasses up with ice before you serve it.

That’s it! All that is left to do is to rinse out your equipment and leave it out to dry. Oh and also to pour you or your quest a nice glass of ice tea. You can store your tea up to 2-3 days, but not any longer than that. Even when kept in the fridge in a closed container tea tends to expire fairly quick. You can also use this method for any other tea bags that you use for ice tea. Just use the right amount of tea bags per cup of water. If you wish to check out all of 52 Tea’s Southern Boy Ice Tea flavors click here.


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