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Tea: 52 Tea’s Southern Boy Ice Tea flavors review part 1


Tea: Monkey Fart, Neapolitan Ice cream, Rainbow Sherbert, RazzleBerry
Company: 52 Tea’s Southern Boy Collection

Today I am going to be reviewing 52 Tea’s Southern Boy Tea’s collection in a two part series. There just are too many of them to review at once, so I will be reviewing 4 of them for today. I also have a post on how to brew these tea bags here if you wold like to know how to do so.

A few quick things that I want to mention about this collection is that each tea bag makes up to 2 quarts each and sell for about $2.99 each. However, there is a discount if you buy multiples of a flavor. For instance if you buy 4-9 bags of a flavor it cost only $2.49 each, which saves you between $2-$4.50 of the regular price for that quantity. If you buy 10+ of a single flavor it only costs $1.99 per bag, which can save you a minimum of $10 compared to the regular price. I would also like to mention that these prices include free shipping in the U.S.A. That means that you can try at least one flavor from this collection and only have to pay $2.99 for it (if shipped in the U.S.) Trust me though, you are going to want to try more then one of these flavors.

The first tea that I will be reviewing is Monkey Fart, which is my favorite flavor so far out of the group.

ss (2013-06-15 at 04.49.16)

I think what I really like about this tea the most is just how real and authentic the flavor is. The banana flavor doesn’t taste artificial and it melds well with the pleasant fruit like astringency of the black tea perfectly. If you are looking for an unique, but not too crazy flavor to try out or to make for your guests I suggest that you buy this one. You won’t regret it I promise.

ss (2013-06-15 at 04.55.57)

The next flavor I am reviewing is Razzle Berry. This is another tea that is good for people that are timid about the more crazy flavors in the series. This tea has a nice dark tart berry flavor which just like  with the banana flavor in Monkey Fart, the astringency melds perfect with the fruity flavor, and doesn’t taste artificial. If you are looking for a nice berry flavored tea without the need to add real berries to it, I would check this one out.

ss (2013-06-15 at 05.02.37)

This is another favorite flavor of mine. This tea tastes exactly like Neapolitan ice cream. It has a fairly equal balance of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors with a hint of creaminess.  Sometimes it can have a slight chalky texture to it, but it is fairly minor. This tea also tastes great when topped of with almond milk or cream. If you are looking for a great dessert ice tea for you or to impress your friends I would try this one.

ss (2013-06-15 at 05.10.04)

This is another great dessert tea as well. It has this tangy tart fruit flavor that taste exactly like Rainbow Sherbert. This is another tea that is great when topped off with almond milk or cream as well. So if you are more of a sherbert person then an ice cream one or you want to try a truly unique tea I would pick up this one.

These are just half of the entire collection that 52 Tea’s offers. I will be posting a part 2 up in a couple of weeks so stay tuned!!!


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