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Tea: 2013 Spring picked Laoshan Green Tea


Tea: Laoshan Green Tea Spring Picked
Company: Verdant Tea

This is one of Verdant’s staple green tea that is made by the He family. Their tea, grown between the slopes of Taoist holy Mountain Laoshan and the ocean is shaded by mist helping it grow sweet and rich. Currently they have the fresh spring picked version up for sale. I received mine from their Classic Tea of the Month Club Box, along with other spring picked teas that I will be reviewing later this month. This is the first one that I tried, and I brewed this tea gonfu style so that I could see how its’ flavor changed over time.

2013-06-09 22.47.28

2013-06-09 22.49.48I first measured out 5 grams of tea using my dad’s old scale. Then I set my electric tea kettle to bring my water up to 185F. I then brewed each steep in about 4-6oz of water in my porcelain pot (though glass would work better) uncovered and steeped it for 8 seconds for each consecutive steep

2013-06-09 22.53.32

2013-06-09 23.23.31Just look at that pretty tea liquor!

I then recorded the flavor profile of each steep as so:

Steep 1: Soy bean, edamame, savory, sweet, beany, light

Steep 2: Citrus, lima bean, brisk, clean . More steamed green than buttered sauteed green and has a thick mouth feel. Slight citrus, fresh green bean crisp. Light nutty note. Sweet greens actually.  Yes sweet green after taste.

Steep 3: Still citrus and crisp steamed creamy bean with thick mouth feel. It has a kind of a nutty creaminess. Cooled is a little more savory. Even cooler, more citrus green dry aftertaste. Still  sweet green flavor.

Steep 4: Crisper, less citrus. A little more savory now. More sauteed instead of steamed veggie, but still crisp and fresh. I can’t believe there is not butter in this. Do it taste salt??? Still sweet after taste, but with some savory flavor. Man I want some nachos or a steak now to go with this tea.  The tea drunk is setting in. Very sweet grass after taste. Must be that spring picking flavor to it.

Steep 5: Very savory sated veggies in butter. Ok becoming very tea drunk. Must eat something. Sorry pallet. This is one of my favorite steeps so far. Very savory green bean, but also sweet after taste. It kinda is giving me the whole spectrum of this tea; minus the citrus.

Steep 6: Much more savory. Very thick, creamy and buttery. Ok this is my favorite steeping. Still that sweet aftertaste, but much more light. Hmmmmm buttered greens.

Steep 7: Lighter, but still savory green. I wonder if my wasabi almonds is making it taste more savory. Hmmmm salted veggies. I also now have a strong urge to buy wasabi peas and brew them with my green tea.  So much tea drunk

Ok I think I am done for now. I could get more steeps out of it, but I am too full and tea drunk to continue.

From what I can gather the early steepings are crisper, nuttier, and have a citrus quality to them. Then the flavor starts to move away from the bright crisp qualities to savory, buttery, sauteed flavor. Each steeping though maintained a sweet grass after taste.

My green Nargacuga approves of this tea!

green narga spring laoshan green

2013-06-10 00.19.45

Gah! Baka, get out of my tea cup! You’re as tea drunk as me.

I would recommend this tea for people who like really savory green veggie flavored green tea. It is also one of the cheaper spring picked green tea as well at $7.50 for an ounce. So if you want to pick up some fresh direct from source green tea check out Verdant tea today!


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