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Tea: Triple C Tea

triple c tea pic 2

Tea: Triple C Tea
Company: none; My own personal recipe

This is the first post that has some of my own pictures in it. YAY!!!! PROGRESS! Anyways this is a tea that I like to make to help me relax at night. I love chamomile plain, but I am a bit of a spice fiend so I have been thinking of ways to add spices to it, and ended up coming up with a great tea blend. I call it Triple C Tea; cause the the three main ingredients all start with, “C.” Here is what you will need…

Main Ingredients:

  • Chamomile  (If you can’t buy it loose, use 2-3 tea bags for 16 ounces of water)
  • Cinnamon Stick (small or big)
  • Cloves (1-3)

Now there are two versions of this. One is just plain tea and the other is a latte form. The latter I use a bit more chamomile and spices; I use only 1 clove and a smaller piece of cinnamon stick for strait tea, while I use 2-3 cloves and a bigger piece of cinnamon stick for the latte mix. Now for both I use 5-6 small spoon fulls of chamomile in my 8 ounce tea pot; that may seem like a lot, but I make it concentrated, and add water to it later.

Now that you have your ingredients it is time to brew. Put them into your tea pot (8oz or close to 16oz size) and pour 212F (boiling) water into the teapot and let it steep for 6-8 minuets. I would not steep it any longer then that, since it can start to get bitter and astringent  Also I recommend using a porcelain or stoneware teapot; glass won’t retain it’s heat as well, thus not extracting as much flavor.

Then once it is done strain it into another vessel that is at least 16oz or more; a Pyrex is perfect. The strainer I use is a tea strainer I got online, but a wire mesh one should also work, though it may not stop all the particles.
triple c tea 3

To make sure you get all of the brew shake the contents of your tea pot lightly and re-pour to get every drop you can. DO NOT MASH OR PRESS IT OUT OF THE FLOWERS! This will make the brew more bitter and astringent. When you are done and if you brewed it in a small  8oz teapot it should look something like this.
triple c tea 4
Do not drink this! It is a concentrated form of the brew and will not taste good and could upset your stomach. Since I use enough leaf for 16 ounces we need to add 8 more ounces. Re-heat the water back up to boiling and pour in another 8 ounces. Even if you use an electric kettle with a keep warm function I recommend reboiling it. When you let the water sit around it gets stale and won’t make as tasty of a brew verses freshly boiled water.  OR…. If you want a really strong latte you could pour this in to a cup and add about 4oz of cream or almond milk, then add sweetener and be done.

triple c tea 5


After you add the water or if your teapot was bigger (about 16oz) your tea should now look like this.

triple c tea 7


Now I know what you are thinking. “Hey I like to eat bits of my herbal teas and those flowers smell so good and honey like. I’m going to try to eat one.” NO!!!!! They taste horrible. They are bitter and nasty. Trust me I know……

Now that you have strained your brew you have two choices depending on which drink you are going for. If you are just doing strait tea all you need to do is add sweetener. I recommend your favorite honey or light agave nectar and can either be served for two in 8 ounces glasses or one mondo size 16 ounce mug for one. If you are doing a latte you just have one more thing to do. You just have to pour it either into one big mug or two smaller ones. Then add a splash of cream or almond milk (vanilla almond milk is great for this) and then a pinch of sweetener (honey or light agave), and serve. Remember not to add to much cream or milk or it could over take the flavor.

triple c tea 6

TIPS FOR SERVING: If you are going to serve the tea strait use a mug(s) that is white on the inside, since it really shows the yellow liquor. However, if you are doing the latte form I recommend using a mug(s) that are not white, and are a dark color to show off the yellowish creamy brew (brown, purple or red would look nice). You can also shake up the container that has the cream or almond milk in it to give your cup a nice frothy top.

PLEASE EXPERIMENT: Just because the main ingredients above are listed doesn’t mean you can’t add or remove any. Don’t like cloves or cinnamon? Take them out and just make a creamy chamomile latte. You could also add ingredients too! Maybe some lavender to make it even more soothing and floral. Maybe some marigold flowers to add antioxidants and color. You could also add some orange peels or rose hips to add a citrus tang to it as well. Maybe even some spearmint or peppermint. Please feel free to mix and match ingredients to make your own sleepy time latte or tea. 

P.S: If you want, I’ve created a custom blend at that can be brewed in a similar way. I call it Sleepy Time Chai. You can look at it here.


Quick Overview:

Strait tea:

Pot: Porcelain
Water: 8oz (add another 8oz or just use a 16 oz pot)
Leaf: 5 small spoonfuls of chamomile
Cinnamon stick: smaller sized
Cloves: just one; more can tend to overpower
Steep Time: 6-8 minuets
Sweetener: a small spoonful or less of light agave or honey
Makes two 8oz servings or one big 16oz mug

Latte tea:

Pot: Porcelain
Water: 8oz (add another 8oz or just use a 16 oz pot)
Leaf: 5-6 small spoonfuls of chamomile
Cinnamon stick: use a bigger piece
Cloves: 2-3 is good
Steep Time: 6-8 minuets
Sweetener: a small spoonful or less of light agave or honey
Additives: a splash or almond milk or cream
Makes two 8oz servings or one big 16oz mug


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